Corridor of Uncertainty

This game of 11 players played between 22 yards isn’t really a game, it offers you important life lessons at times.There are lot of technical terms associated with this very game which an individual needs to know thoroughly.

People generally have this debate : Is cricket an art or science?

In my opinion it represents both sides of the coin.

For example, there is this technical term which is called as ‘Corridor of uncertainty’.

This term is very popular among the bowlers and once mastered it helps you to go through the 11 batsmen with ease.In simple words Corridor of Uncertainty is the area right outside the off stump which a bowler needs to aim. The length of the bowl should just be right after the good length and before the full length.The purpose of such a ball is to confuse the batsman whether to go for the ball or leave it safely. It should put the batsman in two minds and ensure uncertainty.

While I associate this term with a lad who is in his/her 20’s but it is applicable holistically per se. In the mid twenties we too are placed into this corridor of uncertainty. There are some choices you need to make.Whether to go for them or leave them.If only leaving those choices would have repulsive effect in the future! What if that was the choice which would have gone out of the park and for a six! On the other hand leaving that would have rather helped than getting your stumps out of the ground.For life is one great bowler and it will put you into this corridor of uncertainty at times.You need be the best batsman and deal the uncertainty with certainty.

There are no written rules or theories which suggests how to tackle this uncertainty.But some batsman try and improvise by shuffling across the wickets to avoid the leg before wicket.This might help at times but not always. In my opinion the very basic and golden rule of the game should help tackle this.

If you are getting your head inline and over the top off the ball then you eliminate any uncertainty!

This is as simple as get on top of your problems, a step ahead, a step focused and you shall be in a better place to tackle this very uncertainty.You can’t simply avoid it but at least you can lessen the impact of it by being prepared at the right time.Identify what the actual problem is as it comes and eventually hit it out of the park for a six.In due course improvise on the skills needed to stay strong and focused.

Sachin once trained himself on soggy pitches in Mumbai to counter the leg spin of Shane Warne when it’s damp back in Australia.He prepared himself to make the uncertain,certain.

So cricket is not only science it is also an art, an art of living :p.

This quote by the great sums up the article!

‘Enjoy your game and chase your dreams, because dreams do come true’

  — Sachin Tendulkar

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