Who said ISIS?


The police car is chasing the Innova which is speeding at 100kms/hr. The group of friends in Innova have no clue about what is happening.They find a police car behind them for no reason.
Terrified Sid says “Why the hell is that police car following us, Rahul!”
Rahul who was driving is at 100km/hr isn’t aware of what to do.
The police siren becomes even more noisy and the guys in Innova even more tense.

The chapter:

Sid,a charming young boy stays in Navi Mumbai.He is pursuing his MBA in marketing from a reputed college.
Aryan,his best friend also studies in the same collge.
As it is the third year of college life, Sid and Aryan decide to do something in order to enhance their extra curricular skills.
They join this committee called AISEC which deals with student exchange programs.

One of them had the opportunity to visit a foreign country in order for the exchange program.Sid being Sid let Aryan go for it and decided to drawback from the program.

The day was here to fly for Moscow.Everyone was excited and zealous.Sid and few of his friends decide to sea-off his friend.The mood was jolly and light.Everyone giving hugs and bidding farewell to Aryan for journey.

Sid was so excited that at the top of his voice he shouted “AISEC Zindabad”.

The next moment they find the cop car behind them.Apparently the cops took AISEC Zindabad as ISIS Zindabad and hence the chase.Shoot at sight orders were given if the Innova did not stop.

The chase went for 30 mins and then the Innova stopped. The police took Sid and friends to the police station only to find out that they were mere college guys and had come to dropoff their friend. They took this in writing from Sid and then let him go.
Sid and Friends had an amazing journey after all!Just like a roller coaster!


Sid has started a campaign on social media which is called #nevershoutAISECzindabad
Please follow the same :p.

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